Ana M. Ucha, MS, LMHC

Ana Ucha

Ana Ucha is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with over 18 years of experience specializing in children, teens and adults, maintaining a private practice in Stuart and Port St. Lucie areas.

A graduate from Palm Beach Atlantic University, with Masters in Mental Health, Marriage and Families and Substance Abuse, with extensive experience working with issues surrounding Stress, Anxiety, Trauma, Domestic Violence, Abuse, Depression, Grief, Anger, Relationship Conflicts, Addiction and . . . I provide Individual, Family, Couple, Child/Teen Counseling.

Her journey began working at Hospice of Palm Beach County as a liaison between patients and their loved ones before taking a job at Children’s Home Society with duties that included providing MAPP (Model Approach Partnership Training) classes for potential foster and adopting families, completing Home Studies and visits for potential foster and adopting parents. Ana has work with DJJ clients and families, therapeutic foster families and children/adolescents placed in the homes facilitating interventions and skills when dealing with various issues and crisis situations just to name a few. Ana fells every new challenge and experience has help her become a more empathetic therapist to the struggles and challenges that we all face today.

Ana enjoys working with various cultures, a result of growing up in a Spanish speaking home in Florida, a state with multicultural diversities. Ana utilizes a variety of techniques and practices to assist the client with personal, family, work or life/school challenges. She offers a personalized approach tailored to each individual, designed to fit each client’s unique personality, given them the best practices. Her goal is to help the client identify barriers, destructive patterns or behaviors and emotional struggles, assist in helping them to find their own solutions and healthy coping skills resulting in the client leading productive and happy lives and relationships.

Masters Science – Palm Beach Atlantic University
Counseling – Psychology in Mental Health, Marriage and Family and Substance Abuse


Professional License Supervision
Mental Health Counseling and Marriage and Family Counseling


Certified Training
EMDR Part I (May, 2014) Completed: EMDR Part II (October, 2014): Enhancing Change with Acceptance & Commitment Therapy : Complex Treatment for the Complex Eating Disorder Client; Coping with Chaos: Eating Disorders and Self-Harm Behaviors in Adolescents; Motivational Interviewing: Motivating Individuals Through Empathy and Neutrality; Ethics, Confidentiality and Mental Health Treatment; Qualified Supervisor Training
Anger Control Made Easy; Cognitive Behavioral Approaches Treatment to Treating PTSD; Sexual Trauma in Children/Adolescents and Sexual Predators; Trauma Focused – Cognitive Behavioral Therapy; Trauma Attachment and Reactive Attachment Disorder; Redirecting Child/Adolescent Problem Behaviors (Assessment/Intervention Strategies); Redirecting Child/Adolescent Problem Behaviors (Resilience/Focused Interventions);Cultural Diversity Training; 2012 Children’s Behavioral Health Summit : Navigating Our Children’s Future; (RAT) Reactive Attachment Disorder; Understanding Child Exposure to Domestic Violence; NARSAD 7th Annual Palm Beach Mental Health Research Symposium


Other Languages
Spanish (fluent)


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